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Living Well Spending Less DVD Study

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Living Well Spending Less DVD Study


In Living Well Spending Less, a four-session video Bible study, Ruth Soukup explores the two sides of the cure for overindulgence and the chaotic life it creates. First, in living well, Ruth helps us redefine the good life. We may be overspending and overconsuming to try to experience the good life, when what we actually need to do is change the desires of our heart. The other side of the cure is spending less by developing good habits of living on a budget, saving on groceries, and keeping a clean and de-cluttered home.

Living Well Spending Less sessions include:

  1. What Is the Good Life? (15:00)
  2. Finding Your Sweet Spot (17:30)
  3. Develop Good Habits (13:00)
  4. Less Stuff Equals More Joy (16:30)

This DVD study is a great companion to Living Well, Spending Less--and the perfect study to do with your small group or closest friends!