Daily Do It™ Sticky Notes

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The best way to CRUSH your goals every single day is to have a solid plan in place for making it happen, and the best way to create a plan is to get clear about your priorities and about what needs to happen FIRST.  

Our Daily Do It™ is designed to help you organize your task list in a way that encourages you to "eat that frog" and get the big things done first, by first identifying the single most important thing you need to focus today, then by breaking down your task list into "Must Do," "Should Do," and "Would Like to Do" items.  It also helps you identify--before you start--what a successful day will look like, and encourages you to decide ahead of time how you will celebrate a job well done.  

It's a deceptively simple process that, done consistently, becomes a total game changer because you've always got a clear plan in place.  It's the perfect way to maximize your effectiveness on a daily basis and get closer to your goals and dreams.

The 3.5x9" sticky pad includes 50 sheets.