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(IM)Perfectly Productive Bundle {Digital Download}

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(IM)Perfectly Productive Bundle {Digital Download}
(IM)Perfectly Productive Bundle {Digital Download} (IM)Perfectly Productive Bundle {Digital Download} (IM)Perfectly Productive Bundle {Digital Download}

Get a digital copy of our groundbreaking {IM}Perfectly Productive Workbook, which will show you, step-by-step, exactly what steps you can take RIGHT NOW in order to take back your sanity and get more done by simplifying the way you manage your time. This workbook includes more than $50 in time management printables and cheat sheets to help you apply everything you are learning faster and easier. Best of all, you'll get the support, know-how, and motivation you need to finally take control of your time.

In this workbook, you will learn to: 

  • Understand the single most important secret to productivity that often gets ignored.
  • Learn to let go of perfection, give yourself more grace, and instead focus on making progress and getting results.
  • Avoid the obstacles to becoming more productive that often trip us up, even as we are trying to get things done. 
  • Eliminate overwhelm by helping you zero in on the priorities that matter most. 
  • Overcome indecision and instead learn how to identify what it is you really want most of all, so that you better understand how to structure your time.
  • Learn how to think BIG—bigger than you’ve ever dared before—to create goals that spark passion and get you excited to jump out of bed in the morning.  
  • Break down those BIG goals into manageable bites through planning small.  
  • Effectively block out your time so that you can take care of all those things that must be done and yet still have time for your big goals and dreams.  
  • Create new habits right now that will set you up for long-term success.  
  • Easily determine what things you can take OFF your list so that there is more time for the things that matter most.  
  • Create simple solutions for the daily household tasks that suck our time, trip us up, and get us off track so that there is more time for all the things you actually want to do.  
  • Give yourself permission to let go of the “mom guilt once and for all, and to turn off that voice inside our head that tells us we are not doing enough.  
  • Discover what specific productivity tools can help make your life easier, and how to use them.