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Living Well Spending Less® IS CLOSING IT'S DOORS.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that Living Well Spending Less was my very first blog and my first brand. I started it in 2010 as a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers.

Soon it grew into a business—a real business, one that has supported my whole family for the last 11 years, and one that supports a whole team of people.

And I have SO much love for this brand, but I’ve also realized that I’ve been holding onto it because of sentimental attachment, and not necessarily because it’s a good fit for this current season of my life or my business. 

I thought about selling it, but as I told my team, “selling it to someone else would feel like cutting off my arm.”

And yet, I can’t deny that LWSL isn’t really where my focus is these days.

I still love talking about mindset and goals and how to better manage your time and get things done, but those are things I’d rather share as just myself—Ruth Soukup—rather than LWSL.

I guess what it comes down to is this:

I’M not going away, but LWSL as a brand will be.


You have one last chance to get ALL of our products.

The Living Well Planner, our Sticky Notes, our courses, workbooks, and other tools and resources in one all-inclusive bundle for a huge discount. If you’ve loved our products, this is the perfect time to get them ALL.


Featured product

Living Well Planner {Last Chance}
Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Fresh floral Living Well Planner cover design. Signature Multistripe Living Well Planner cover design. Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Navy cover option is simple enough to be gender neutral, or to customize and make it yours! Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Keep important dates and info at your fingertips all year long in the Living Well Planner. Living Well Planner {Last Chance} The Living Well Planner makes monthly goal setting a focus, to get you closer to your big goals. Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Monthly Crushing It and Project Planning sheets in the Living Well Planner to put your goals into action. Customizable Living Well Planner monthly calendar--for a Sunday or Monday start! Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Make the Living Well Planner monthly calendar yours! Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Living Well Planner weekly spread, with a Monday start so the weekend stays together. Monthly Living Well Planner budget sheets so you always know where your money went. Living Well Planner {Last Chance} A page in each month of the Living Well Planner for reflections on grace and gratitude. Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Living Well Planner {Last Chance} Living Well Planner {Last Chance}


Over the last 10 years, the Living Well Planner has helped more than 100K women organize their lives. We are definitely sad to be discontinuing this special tool! The good news is that the planner comes undated, so if you love it as much as we do, and want to continue using it for years to come, you can stock up now. Quantities are limited, so we recommend stocking up soon, as once they are gone, they are gone forever.